The feasibility study is naturally followed by a business plan, a useful tool to consciously evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the future business project. Once the company started, the business plan becomes the guide to follow for current operations and management.

Business plan

The business plan is also the fundamental for the lenders, document needed in order to obtain subsidized public loans and bank credit.

As specialists in the Swiss tourist market and in particular for the Italian and French part of Switzerland, we will develop a realistic business plan for your new hotel or restaurant project. Each business plan can be customized in order to apply for a loan from the Société Suisse du Crédit Hôtelier, or to get the cantonal funding for tourism promotion.

structure of the study

The Business Plan includes the feasibility study:

  • Assessment of the location and area
  • Evaluation of the tourism environment (demand-market-competition)    
  •  Assessment of the project offer and its positioning in the market    
  •  General appreciation of the hotel and the whole concept     
  • Assumptions and financial projections for the first 10 years of activity     
  • Project-related recommendations     
  • Review and approval of the projections by Horesman SA, Trust Hotel Company


The Business Plan include the following chapters:     

  1. Summary     
  2. Company description
  3. Location, environment, product analysis
  4. Competition analysis
  5. Market research  
  6. Marketing and sales plan
  7. Operations and management plan
  8. Risks analysis
  9. Financial plan
  10. Conclusions