The Most Viewed Travel YouTube Videos of 2016

As other video platforms have grown their audiences during the past year, YouTube’s audience remains one of the largest and the ease of sharing a YouTube video is what draws millions of travelers and brands to click, watch and share. YouTube is still the host platform for many marketing campaigns and brands see it as a place to expand on their storytelling rather than quicker clips for other social platforms.
— Dan Peltier

Skift compiled this list and we based the top travel videos only on their YouTube views and didn’t consider the number of TV views they got as several are also commercials. Videos native to social platforms such as Facebook Live, Instagram and Snapchat, for example, also aren’t included though many travel brands’ have received millions of views from videos on those platforms.

Watch all 10 videos below:

1. Trivago, “Find the Best Price on Trivago (Arabic),” 17.2 million views

2. Trivago, “Happy Dance (Japanese),” 11.5 million views

3. Disney Parks, “Star Wars Awakens Walt Disney World,” 10.4 million views

4. Trivago, “Find your ideal hotel at the best price,” 10.3 million views

5. Turkish Airlines, “Inspiring Story of Blind Surfer, Derek Rabelo,” 9.1 million views

6. Turkish Airlines, “4 Mevsim Balkanlar,” 7.2 million views

7. Hilton HHonors, “Stop Clicking Around,” 5.1 million views

8. Boeing, Amazing! The Beauty of Boeing’s 787-9 Dreamliner on Display,” 4.7 million views

9. Emirates Airline, “Jennifer Aniston TV commercial | A380 | Emirates Airline,” 4.5 million views

10., “Jordan & Chelsea’s Wedding: Bachelor Party,” 4.4 million views