Brilliantly use past clients and events to sell for you.

Despite all the efforts to build solid relationships with meeting planners, they will always trust fellow meeting planners over you. But, don’t fret. This is actually good news and you can brilliantly use this to your advantage.

By now (we hope), you have already collected a lot of testimonials from past clients and even have images of past events held in your hotel’s meeting venue. These past testimonials are GOLD when trying to win even more group business. However, most hotels keep those testimonials and photos in some unseen archive. Or, only include three or less testimonials in the proposal itself, and that’s it.

Instead, showcase your 10 best testimonials on your meeting website itself, along with a gallery of images showing how past clients used your space. This will have a greater impact on future clients than photos of empty ballrooms and marketing copy. Another idea is to show the logos of past companies or associations who have booked with you in the past. This is called social proof. By showing who else has invested in your hotel as a venue space, you are making it easier for future planners to believe your hotel is worth the investment as well. 

Here are four more ways to attract more meetings to your hotel.