Guest Post: The Biggest Mistake B&B Innkeepers Make

Guest Post: The Biggest Mistake B&B Innkeepers Make

By Darlene Rondeau, source

Guest Author: Yvonne Halling, Founder,

If there was one big mistake that I see B&B innkeepers making, it’s not putting themselves into their marketing.

Guests choose us because they want some interaction. They want to hear our stories and share theirs, so where are you hiding out?

Here are three main places I see B&B Innkeepers hiding:

On Their Website

They are nowhere to be seen, no pictures, no stories, no “About us” page, no blog about their life – just hiding out behind the “storefront” hoping that the rooms, the beautiful view, the comfy beds, the delicious breakfast will do it for them.

The Cedars of Williamsburg B&B does a terrific job of showcasing their personality to travel shoppers by featuring unique recipes

You can get rooms, beautiful views, comfy beds and delicious breakfasts anywhere, but there is only one of YOU. And don’t get me started on the “customer satisfaction is our highest priority” – as if that makes you special. It doesn’t – everyone is doing their best to satisfy their guests’ expectations. You’re not standing out with that old line.

You can get rooms, beautiful views & comfy beds anywhere, but there is only one YOU

On Social Media.

Many B&B innkeepers are not revealing themselves online. Let’s start with profiles. How many friends do you have on Facebook? Are you adding people and making connections regularly? Do they even know about your business page? Is it properly listed in your profile, so when I visit you on Facebook, I can see immediately that you run a hospitality business?

I run a couple of groups for B&B owners, guest house owners and innkeepers on LinkedIn and we get between 30 and 50 requests to join each week. I am often shocked that almost 50% of those requesting to join don’t even have a photo of themselves, let alone a proper profile so I can see who they are. Don’t let this be you.

Online presence matters, whether we like it or not. It’s the nature of the world today.  Over three billion people are online – your prospects, your future guests, your connections, your next project.

Take a look at your online presence and ask yourself – would I trust this person?

Take a look at your online presence and ask yourself – would I trust this person?

Are You Sharing Your Knowledge & Expertise?

The third place I see people hiding out is not sharing their knowledge and expertise in a way that both guests and prospective guests can benefit from it. What do I mean by that? Your free guide is your online calling card.

I know that you’re sharing your expertise and knowledge with your guests at your place, but what about those who haven’t booked yet?

Looking for things to do around Wilkes-Barre, PA? Hillard House Inn provides potential bookers with expertise of the area.

Having a proper online strategy to get that knowledge into the hands of those looking for a place in your area will massively increase your bookings but also your perceived value in the eyes of those people and perceived value is everything – but that’s for another time.


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