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5 Best Practice Tips to Increase Direct Bookings

According to BLLA, hoteliers at boutique hotels spend more than half their time on sales and marketing activities.

That’s a LOT of effort, but are you seeing results? And, more specifically, is your hotel website (your most important sales & marketing asset) driving direct bookings? This is a challenge, not only for the boutique sector, but for hotels of all sizes and star ratings.

In this webinar, we discuss 5 best practices for your website to help drive more direct bookings, reduce your dependence on OTAs, and ultimately generate more revenue.

Topics Covered:

  • Hotel Website Fundamentals: The 5 differentiators your hotel website needs to drive bookings
  • Visual Storytelling: What images and types of stories turn “lookers” into “bookers”
  • The Path to Conversion: How to optimize your booking path to decrease abandonment rates
  • Real-Life Examples: How other properties like yours are using our best practices to drive results


Uploaded by Leonardo on 2016-09-22.