Am I paying too many commissions? Am I correctly selling my property? Am I using the right channels? How can I drive more reservations through my website?

Those are only some of the questions that you probably have about reservations and online reservations. Nowadays, this is one of the major concerns for hoteliers. We work with you to find, purchase, and implement the right solutions.


We will assist you in maximizing the following points:

  1. Performing reservation system to drive more bookings
  2. Integrate reservations process to manage all distribution channels
  3. Visibility across distribution channels with an extensive exposure
  4. Redistribute rates and availabilities for better margin

We will assist you in choosing and implementing the right tool:

  •  Reservation System: manage rates, availability and reservations
  •  Website Booking Engine: drive commission-free reservations
  •  Mobile Booking Engine: mobile phone and tablet version
  •  Global Distribution System: distribute via consortia and travel  agents
  •  Channel Management System: manage multiple OTAs simultaneously
  •  Online Marketing: establish an online marketing strategy to increase visibility
  •  Rate check: competitive price benchmarking through all distribution channels
  •  Competition analysis: supervise competitors performance
  •  Online reputation management: monitor and manage guest reviews
  •  Direct Connect/Interface: one or two way XML interfaces for PMS and CRS