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Is the iPhone Killing Your Hotel Revenue?

Is the iPhone Killing Your Hotel Revenue?

Is the iPhone Killing Your Hotel Revenue?

Here’s what we all know by now: The explosion of smartphone usage over the past few years has been staggering. And not just iPhones, but smartphones of other brands as well…The Pew Research Center reports that 75% of Americans now own a smartphone and half the population own a tablet. Not only is usage increasing and technology getting more sophisticated, consumers are more reliant on their mobile devices. In fact, 9 out of 10 American consumers keep their smartphones within reach 24 hours a day.

This round-the-clock usage has also redefined the way people book travel. A recent Google report revealed that 77% of luxury travelers turn to their mobile devices for trip inspiration. And a whopping 55% then use their smartphones to book their stay! As mobile usage propels forward, so should your response as a hotel marketer. Mobile updates, and the world’s response to them, mean that you can’t simply recycle and reuse last year’s mobile strategy. 2017 is a clean slate to keep pace with mobile’s rapid growth. Here are 5 things you need to know to ride the mobile wave and amplify your mobile revenue this year:

Key Revenue Strategy Trends for 2017.

Key Revenue Strategy Trends for 2017.

Even compared to 2016’s chaos, making predictions for 2017’s revenue strategy trends has proved a challenging task! In many ways, 2016 was a year for defying logic and taking actions that would have been seen as preposterous months earlier. With any luck, 2017 will be a bit steadier. Revenue managers’ drive to progress and develop brings optimism, possibilities and opportunities.

As always, a trends list puts forward many changes to come. How far will these revenue strategy items progress over the 12 months? As we’ve all witnessed, it can take time for changes to take hold in the hotel industry!

Hoteliers should only be paying for that OTA customer ONCE!

Hoteliers should only be paying for that OTA customer ONCE!

It’s time to embrace OTAs as a channel that gets new business in the door. But once that OTA guest checks in, it’s now up to you and your staff to make an extraordinary impression on them to keep them loyal from that stay forward. bientôt encadré en Suisse bientôt encadré en Suisse

Rédaction online 01.05.2015, source:

Le site de réservation en ligne impose aux hôteliers des clauses pouvant nuire à la concurrence. La France vient d'agir. En Suisse, la COMCO interviendra en septembre.

Il y a quelques jours, pliait en France: suite à la pression des hôteliers, l'entreprise décidait, en accord avec l'Autorité de la concurrence qui suivait le dossier, de renoncer à une partie des clauses de parité tarifaire et de disponibilité qu’elle imposait aux établissements. Plus simplement dit, les hôtels français peuvent dorénavant proposer des prix plus bas sur des plateformes de réservation en ligne concurrentes ainsi que sur leurs propres canaux de vente «hors ligne» (par téléphone, par mail ou sur place).

Des décisions similaires ont été prises en Suède et en Italie. Il s'agit, à priori, d'une bonne nouvelle pour les consommateurs: avec une concurrence renforcée entre les différents prestataires actifs dans la réservation de chambres hôtelières, les prix devraient baisser.

En Suisse, le dossier est en main de la Commission de la concurrence (COMCO). Va-t-elle bientôt agir? «Nous sommes à bout touchant, répond le vice-directeur Olivier Schaller. L’analyse est terminée et la commission devrait prendre sa décision en septembre. Et contrairement aux récents arbitrages de nos voisins européens, cela concernera toutes les plateformes de réservation en ligne et pas seulement»

Les hôteliers suisses espèrent surtout que la COMCO sera plus incisive! «Nous regrettons la décision prise par les autorités de la concurrence en France, en Suède et en Italie, réagit notamment hotelleriesuisse, qui représente 2051 établissements dans notre pays, car les hôteliers ne peuvent toujours pas proposer des prix inférieurs à ceux de sur leur propre site Web. Or, en Suisse, ce prestataire domine le marché avec une part de 70% de toutes les réservations effectuées en ligne. Une telle décision n'apporterait donc aucun avantage aux hôteliers.»

Loïc Delacour

source: launches Booking Now, the first global App for spontaneous bookers. launches Booking Now, the first global App for spontaneous bookers.

Booking Now is designed to deliver a seamless mobile experience for spontaneous consumers, fitting perfectly into their multi-device, on-demand lifestyle.

When making accommodation reservations within 48 hours, travelers don’t need to sacrifice quality, breadth of choice or satisfaction for spontaneity., the world’s number one accommodation site, today announced the launch of Booking Now, a new mobile app that revolutionizes the on-demand travel space by providing a completely personalized booking experience tailored to individual customer preferences and location.

By harnessing the power of data based on user behavior as well as GPS technology, Booking Now is the only App to showcase the world’s largest selection of more than 580,000 properties around the globe to provide custom accommodation recommendations for spontaneous travelers.

Rooted in and developed out of a deep understanding of proprietary customer data, the launch of Booking Now supports the growing importance of mobile when it comes to booking accommodations within 48 hours. According to data, worldwide almost half of reservations made within 48 hours are booked on a mobile device. “With the launch of Booking Now, we’re increasing our investment in mobile by leveraging our global scale, assets and partnerships to accommodate the growing number of customers who are booking reservations within two days or less of their stay,” said Darren Huston, Chief Executive Officer of “The new App puts users at the center of the booking experience, drawing from our vast database of properties to meet their specific preferences at the very moment they need to book. Booking Now is designed to deliver a seamless mobile experience for spontaneous consumers, fitting perfectly into their multi-device, on-demand lifestyle.”

Booking Now personalizes real-time search results based on the unique traveler profile created by each first-time user to indicate specific accommodation preferences, such as desired price range and options like parking, breakfast and Wi-Fi. Users are then presented with the most relevant available accommodation suggestions based on their profile and within their defined location. Users can quickly and easily browse through the recommended options with a single swipe of their finger and book their preferred accommodation in just two taps. With Booking Now’s predictive analytics, the more frequently customers use the app, the more personalized their recommended matches become. Additionally, as users swipe through the app, they can pin their top hotel choice to the map to create a short, visual list for quick and easy reference.

Further customizing the experience, Booking Now results can also be based on the user’s current street-level location anywhere in the world. The App’s GPS technology then provides step-by-step directions from the current location directly to the user’s accommodation of choice, a first for hotel-booking applications.

Backed by’s reliable global network with 24/7 customer support and access to the world’s largest network of more than 40 million verified guest reviews, Booking Now is designed to sit alongside the existing mobile application and will continue to offer users the best price, with no hidden fees and a seamless “pay when you stay” model.

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